Enchanted Falls

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A defunct chapter in the Desert Winds.

Amtgard Chapter
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Enchanted Falls
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The Kingdom of Desert Winds
Status Shire
City Twin Falls, Idaho.
Park City Park
Meets on Thursday 5pm
Founded 2007
Active Active


As of December 30 2007, sending in a Contract to the BLBOD. Jan 26th 2008 received visit from Desert Winds Monarchy, and was inducted into the Principality. The chapter fell into inactivity in 2009 and remain dormant for a number years.

With another medieval combat society being the only way to expierence the life style in Twin Falls, a single person desired a new sport be activated. Having been in the life style for quite some time, Karion D'Learive decided to return to his roots and seek out Amtgard once again. After learning that the Amtgard chapter of Enchanted Falls had become inactive, he worked hard to get it reactivated and back in the light of Desert Winds.

On May 29th, 2013 the first practice for Enchanted Falls, after being inactive for 4 years, came and went with new and greater numbers then ever before. Having had 15 people in attendance. This practice was devoted to the creation of the new Enchanted Falls group weapon stash, consisting of 42 single swords, mostly short.

Between the time the chapter started on May 29th and June 8th of 2013 the numbers that attend have grown steadily. On June 8th, 2013 the chapter was visited by 4 foreign dignitaries for Desert Winds; Queen Tarean, Sir Duffer, Lady Antigone and the Queen's second escort (the name escapes.) The forgeign dignitaries had nothing but praise for the newly reactivated chapter and it's leadership. That same practice marked the single largest showing yet with 27 people having signed in.

As of 03/01/2014 the Freehold of Enchanted Falls was officially made a Shire of the Kingdom of Desert Winds. King Sir Duffer and Regent Squire Jester presented the award at Enchanted Falls' first midreign held the same day.

Enchanted Falls continues to struggle with numbers and attendance but refuses to go down again. The chapter continues to strive towards it's current goal of becoming a Barony and a core park within Desert Winds.

Chapter Officers

Monarch: Sheriff Moonstone Ravenblood

Royal Consort: None

Prime Minister: Chancellor Karion D'Learive

Champion: TBD

Guildmaster of Reeves: Karion D'Learive


We meet at City Park located in Twin Falls, Thursday at 5:00pm and finish when we all decide to leave.

As of March 1, 2015, we are currently operating in a joint practice with the local Belegarth chapter.

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Email: - enchantedfallsamtgard@gmail.com

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