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Emerald Guard

”Science is an Art, and visa versa.”

Heraldry is being digitized. Emerald Hills with lit torch above the hills.


Mission Statement:

To gather to itself members of the Emerald Hills that wish to keep the dream alive by focusing on recruiting and helping new members and setting forth a good example for them. Assisting those in need and teaching the unlearned. To banish the fear of creativity and to expand the reaches of the fantasy arts and sciences aspect of the game. Passing on knowledge to the next generation and improving the experience of this one.

Requirements to be a Member: Full members will have been an Amtgardian for at least 1 year. Must be a member of the Emerald Hills. Must be invited by an officer of the house.

Officer Structure:

Officers are voted upon by the active members of the house. A person wishing to fill an officer seat must declare before the vote is taken. Must be active at an EH park. May not hold more than 1 officer position within the house at one time.

There are 4 officer positions within the house each focusing on a different aspect of the game. Participating in other aspects is encouraged. Officers will be in charge of organizing activities that benefit the Emerald Hills. Active members should assist in these events.

North Gate: Service (Feasts, Political Instruction, Autocrating, etc) East Gate: Arts (Singing, Dancing, Poetry, Painting, Sculpting, etc) South Gate: Fighting (Class discussion, Construction, Fighter Practices, Tournaments) West Gate: Garbing (Armor making, Court Garb, belt favors, etc)

Members: Are invited based on attitude and knowledge of the arts. Members are encouraged to represent their strongest Gate while participating in the others. Knowledge is power, and power is fun! And we are here to have fun!

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