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Drasek, circa February 2022

Lord Paragon Drasek the Meme, Burninator of Northreach, of the Barony of Ravenstone in the Kingdom of Northreach



Lord Paragon Drasek the Meme is a member of Northreach since 2016. His home parks have been the Duchy of Lupine Moon and the Barony of Ravenstone.

Drasek and his good friend Oz the Dirty Trickster, were, at one point, known throughout Northreach as the "Bardio Brothers of Ravenstone". Drasek was an Apprentice Bard under Lord Paragon Deli prior to his own elevation to the position.

Affiliated Groups

House Transylvania

House Umbra

Belted Family

Man at Arms Yorick

Man at Arms Merrin Winterveil

Page Apprentice Artemis Swordbreaker

Apprentice Herman the Builder

Apprentice Dydron

Apprentice Oz the Dirty Trickster

Page Kothos

Page Man at Arms Ivan

Notable Accomplishments

Attained Lord title in February 2020 Attained Paragon title in July 2020

Attained Burninator accolade in August 2021 after winning a Charity tournament, the Tournament of Fire

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