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Animus Discipulus

Mythrallicus and Modox in company colours at CK Coronation May 2007


A fighting company that possess talented fighters who are willing to share their knowledge and skills they've exercised on the battle field. Officially formed in the Celestial Kingdom during Spring War 2007, the founding members Sir Athisdaine, Squire Mythrallicus, and Modox, brought all of their positive aspects of the companies they were apart of to generate a solid foundation for growth and success. We are currently seeking participants in the Emerald Hills, Wetlands, and Celestial Kingdoms who enjoy travelling, camping, and the competitive aspects of the game. Come visit us at http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/amtgarddisciples/

Current Goals

The company is focused in instructing new prospects with various fighting skills as well in organized unit tactics. With members who have played since 1988 and numerous prior military veterans, experience is in abundance. The company recently fought along side various citizens from the Wetland Kingdom which placed 2nd in the 2008 Banner War.



-Sir Athisdaine



-Sir Vigus