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Sir Derydlus Greystone, Earl of Devonset, of Barad Duin HFS

”Dude! Don't Bogart the butter!”



Grand Duke of Barad Duin during its last reign before it reached kingdom status, and its second to last reign in Amtgard. Rufus Grimwulf who had also been running for the office of monarch against Derydlus was elected Regent instead. This apparently being the first use of the word 'Regent' to describe the position. Sir Tholden and Wizard Black were his Chancellors.

During the later part of his reign Derydlus created the first and only Amtgard Knight of Barad Duin; Ahrmaand. This was considered by some of be a faux pas, because it occurred before BD achieved Kingdom status. Ahrmaand was not named a knight of any one order, but recognized just as a "Knight" an example of all disciplines.

During his reign, Derydlus traveled to El Paso to the Coronation of Gilos Dawnhope. During this event Barad Duin was granted Kingdom Status, to be conferred at the coronation of the next monarch. For roleplaying reasons, the populace of Barad Duin elected to retain the name "Grand Duchy", rather than be called a Kingdom.

Derydlus also served as the Regent to Little Connor.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • The first member of Barad Duin to be granted a title of nobility (Lord), by Sir Ahrmaand.
  • The first Amtgarder in history to achieve sixth level in the Bard class.
  • Knighted by Sylaina after HFS was formed.


  • Lord - Given by Duke Ahrmaand of Barad Duin, September 1988
  • Viscount - Given by Pharoah Fean-Cala Ra (Grand Duke Nithanalorn) of Barad Duin, September 1989
  • Earl - Given by Ard-Rian (Grand Duchess) Sylaina of Barad Duin, September 1990
  • Knight - Given by Ard-Rian Sylaina of Barad Duin, January, 1991

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