Crimson Witch

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Lady Mistress Crimson, of Mourningwood Glen of the Emerald Hills

Tribe Templar Small.jpg
Crimson's Company Heraldry
Home Park Mourningwood Glen
Kingdom Emerald Hills
Noble Title Lady

”Make sure you sign in!”



Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

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More Information

  • Order of the Dragon's Breath - For entering Dragonmaster XX, by Grand Inquisitor (King) Sutra Bahuas, March 2007.
  • Order of the Hellreigner - for surviving the reign of the Burger King - given by MWG's Sheriff Sir Clu Da'Bard, November 2008
  • 3rd in DragonMaster September 2010
  • Order of the Arch Demon - given by MWG's Baronet Virgil Veneficus - Playing the Water Demon NPC @ MWG - December 18th, 2010
  • 2nd in DragonMaster XXX March 2012 by .04 from Dame Nightengael