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Changeling Darksong Jester, Exile

“If you want to know. You’ll have to quest for it yourself.”


Why should I bore you with tells of past journeys? I entered this realm for the same reason I left the other worlds. Boredom. I started out on the borders of a land call the Celestial Kingdom. Which is nothing like the Hsien’s Middle Kingdom; not even close. I wandered to the Emerald Hills. It is green, though my sister would say Eire and Alba are greener. It was fun. I’ve battled and met some of the most interesting people and creatures.

Why did I leave? Though this was a good diversion, the wanderer’s spirit always wins out. If you want to know more.. . You know the answer..

Affiliated Groups

  • House of the Crimson Falcon/ House Redhawk

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