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Bjorn, of Goldenvale

”The Direction opposite the strongest gravitational pull.”



A Barbarian in Goldenvale; not to be confused with Arch Duke Sir Bjorn

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Successfully defeated, whilst using sword and board, Baronet Page Beans (using a bow), Blank (single sword), Grand Duke Sir Goliath (bow), Sir Blackhawk (bow),Grand Duke Syr Sanchez(bow), and Shogun Tomahome (spear), to win his first free for all ditch.


Bjorn is said to have once killed a pack of rabid wolverines to paint his new canoe (carved from a Oak Tree with his bare hands) before jumping in and spitting ahead of himself to have enough water on the streets to use the canoe to reach the Goldenvale field.

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