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Marquis Sir Balisk, of the Iron Mountains.

”All warfare is based on deception”



A member of the Nighthawks originally from the Golden Plains, Balisk last lived in the Iron Mountains before moving out of state. He has been described by the words "Moves like flowing water. No fighter is prettier. He has to deal with the disadvantage of a relatively short reach, and does it by moving more than anyone. Under AC he is a real terror but even under SIM he is pretty well dominant. " and "Closes distance like no one else, deadly in every style."

He has been counted among the top Greatest Sword Knights of Amtgard. At the moment he is serving under the United States Air force and spending most of his time being a devoted husband and father to two children, daughter Emilie and son Jack. He hopes to start a new park in his current city of residence, Las Vegas.

Affiliated Groups

Balisk is one of the contributing members to the Nighthawks's "pretty boy" image, mainly due to his sharp, good looks.

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Balisk is a Sword Knight (1998) & Warlord from the GP

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