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Azrak, of Autumn Grove, a Barony of Rising Winds

"They'll never see my blade; They'll be too busy watching the cards."


Azrak Greenscar was a traveling performer, or more specifically, a magician, who specialized in card tricks. He traveled through many lands, performing in each town he came to for whatever meager amount his audiences would toss into his old top hat, usually just enough for a meal and a bed for the night. When he wasn't busy learning new tricks or techniques, he was teaching himself to properly wield a longsword. He would gather tips and advice from every warrior who was willing to give them, and practice until he could no longer lift a blade. Soon enough, he became confident enough in his abilities that he began combining swordplay into his magic act. During his travels, he happened upon a small town called Avaron. There were very few people in this town, and most of them worked very hard for little money. He decided not to stay in Avaron that night, but wasn't sure of where to go next. He overheard someone talking about a placed called Autumn Grove. He had never heard of Autumn Grove, but right then he decided he wanted to go there. However, lacking a map or any clue whatsoever as to the location of said town, he had no choice but to follow the person he heard talking about it. He kept a close eye on the man he was going to follow, and soon he met up with a 2nd person whom he referred to as MC, and who called him Fariel. He followed them until they set up camp for the night, and he then set up a concealed camp just far enough away from theirs to avoid being noticed. The next morning, he woke up just before dawn to be sure he wouldn't lose his would-be guides. He quickly packed his things and waited for MC and Fariel to wake up and begin traveling. Later that afternoon, and with the help of his two unknowing guides, Azrak reached Autumn Grove. Within a few weeks, his skills with a sword and his potential garnered him an invitation to join the Order of Dark Tower. Azrak continues to grow and develop his skills within the Order and Autumn Grove. At Coronation 2011, It was decided by Vitalen and Kyrow, the two highest-ranking members of the Order of Dark Tower, that the order would cease to be a fighting company, and instead be known henceforth as a household. Although disappointed, Azrak will continue to fight and will one day be a part of a great fighting company once again.

Affiliated Groups

Order of Dark Tower

Notable Accomplishments

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