Axel Elfglade

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Axel Elfglade, of the Barony of Autumn Grove, Kingdom of Rising Winds

”Why don't you just die...oh man! I'm dead ”


Axel was brought into the game by his uncle, Rafn. From there he just took off. Now he is an active member of the park. He went to his first kingdom event in September 2009.

Character History

My name is Axel. I was born deep in Elfglade Forest in the Kingdom of the Rising Winds. I remember nothing of my real parents since I was given away as soon as I was born. A woman took me from my mothers arms and left me at the edge of the forest. Not long after that a man walking into the woods to hunt spotted me and picked me up. He knew I would not survive long if he left me, so he took me home to his baron wife. She shreiked in delightment as she saw her new baby boy. She took me in her arms and from then on loved me as her own. At the tender age of eleven I was yet again taken away from my home and sent to train in the Rising Winds army. I am now sixteen and the youngest commander of the Rising Winds army. I met Princess Marishka Elfglade today and was greeted by a mighty roar from both her dragon and war panther. Her and High Commander Rafn Macbane, and I discussed battle plans for many hours today.