Ariel Vilkas

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Áriel Vilkas of Icefire Bay, Northreach, Dragonspine

”Anything worth doing is worth over-doing. At least until something explodes.”

”I am Vilkas, dreamer of a thousand dreams. I do not accept defeat. I do not accept failure. I do not look back.”


Áriel, also known as "Vilkas the Dreamer," "Vilkas the Swift," or simply as "Wolf," is an extremely flurby Chaotic Good Scout, known for dramatic speeches, wild adventures, and ornate craftsmanship. Born into a noble family of warriors and teachers, Áriel learned diplomacy and battle tactics at an early age; when they became older they decided to leave their family and roam the world as a traveling artist. The entire Vilkas line is known for an immense disdain of organized government, adding to Áriel's dismay when they were appointed Regent in the first town they came across. Still, they have learned to use their diplomatic knowledge to help keep Icefire Bay running smoothly, and their uncomfortableness towards governmental officials keeps them from being corrupted by power (but does nothing to ease their stress level).

They tend to howl like a wolf at the start of fights, which is the traditional House Vilkas battlecry. Áriel wields short swords in the Florentine style, although sometimes prefers a bow for longer-range combat fields. They are accompanied in battle by the Siobhan Veradis, a shadowy black dragon with unknown motives. Áriel is gender neutral, and is comfortable wearing gowns or doublets depending on their mood.

Affiliated Groups

Regent of Icefire Bay.

Captain and founder of Peregrine Company.

Lord of House Vilkas.

Member of the Darkbane Order.

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

Author and illustrator of Symbolism in Heraldry: An Amtgard Guide.

Icefire Bay A&S Champion 2015



More Information

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Character Design Trivia

-In Jewish folklore, "Ariel" is the name of an Archangel, who govern the order of the physical universe. He/She is responsible for guarding Nature and the environment, for regulating parts of the underworld Sheol, and for fiercely punishing those who aid darkness or spoil the natural beauty of the earth. He/She is the patron saint of wild animals and new beginnings. Ariel appears as either male, female, or both, possibly to symbolize the duality of nature.

-"Vilkas" is Lithuanian for wolf. It is the surname of two notable Lithuanian politicians, both of whom fought to protect worker's rights. Vilkas is also the name of a werewolf in Skyrim.

-Áriel's personality and visual design were partly based on the character Loki from Agents of Asgard issue 13. In this, Loki is the Guardian of Stories, rather than a blatant trickster. This is also the inspiration for Áriel's gender-neutral state, as Loki in this story is a shapeshifter and can change bodies at will. Also much like Loki, you will rarely see Áriel in any colors other than green, gold, and black.