Alonna Moonelder

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Alonna Moonelder, of Starmount , Iron Mountains

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Daughter of Sir Alessandra(EH), niece to Sir Garath(EH), and sister to Squire Farren and Flute.

Alonna, along with Farren, was brought into Amtgard by their mother at the tender age of 5(1988). They resided in Dallas, attending the original Tanglewood in Duncanville. In 1994, the group settled down in St.Paul, MN and along with Garath started Caer Sidhe, which was a shire of the Emerald Hills. Alonna helped keep the group going until about 2000 when the group became inactive. Shortly after this the, a group in Lakeville, MN developed and eventually disbanded when Alonna, Farren, Sir Zodiac and Topaz went back to Saint Paul to found Starmount.

Affiliated Groups

  • Founding member of the Deadites. She dropped the company in June of 2007. Currently affiliated with Sable Pride.

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments


Regent of Starmount: Feburary 2007-August 2007

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