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Squire Ailliath, of Seven Sleeping Dragons, Kingdom of Westmarch

Ailliath's Heraldry
Home Park Seven Sleeping Dragons
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 2006
Noble Title no title
Belt Status Squire to Sir Keluric

Dinner conversation:

Keluric: "I am gonna slap you with a pancake..."
Ailliath: "Do I get to eat it afterwards?"
<munch, munch>

Ailliath stalks away from the ditch field during Westmarch's Infernal Invasion Quest at Wavehaven. January 24, 2009.


Pronounced as "Goliath", without the G.

If you've ever played Amtgard and suffered a broken finger, it was probably Ailliath's fault.

a.k.a FingerBreaky McDigitKiller

I got introduced to Amtgard through my girlfriend. She saw the local club with a booth on the Cal Poly campus at the end of school, and then dragged me there next year. I didn't actually fight the first day but it looked interesting so I came back, and have been fighting ever since. I hope to attend Clan this year, and get to fight the hordes of people that show up, as I think its a ton of fun to fight against all the different styles you encounter at events.

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Squire to Baron Sir Keluric Tryst (May 2010)

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