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Alexander Ran Vandel
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”Its what I'm here help”
Chapter Wolven Fang
Kingdom Goldenvale (Nine Blades)
Started Summer 2001
Noble Title Lord Goes by as Ba'al

Master Barbarian Goes by as "The Mighty"

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Belted Under Sir Blackhawk
Contact Information
E-Mail Adorth


Western Winds

Nine Blades


Lord Page Adorth "The Mighty", of Wolven Fang


Adorth (Aka: Bushie) started his amtgard career in the early summer of 2001, Residing in Wolven Fang for the majority of his years he has journeyed far west a few times once attempting to create a shire in Calgary declaring it to be called "New Rayside" but the efforts were in vain and was abandoned, years later he returned out west to Edmonton and teamed up with Dassureth to create the shire of Western Winds in the fall of 2010 the shire is begining to flourish and shows great promise. Bushie has also become infamous for his artistic nature, sportsmanship and natural ability to disappear in plain sight. If there is anything to say about this man is this, where ever he is no matter what he is doing be glad he's on your side

Extra Knowledge:

* Adorth mundane is commonly known as Bushie.

* Has 50+ Personas as everyone needs a npc or support character

* Bushie is a master of stealth as he Received Balthazars Captains coat for sneaking into the entire White Boar meeting wearing Rayside Brigade Colours (blue and orange) as they were kicking out Katerina and chasing off Greywind who was dressed as a well.

* A co-founder of the Rayside Brigade and the Nordic Nomads''

Affiliated Groups

Nordic Nomads

Orion Syndicate (General (Intel)

Sexy Smiths

Church of PIE (Cardinal)

The Stonecutters (Retired #54)

Additional Accomplishments

Guildmaster of Pie August 2004 Longest Holding, past on the honor in November 9th 2013

Belted Family