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This page was originally created to house one rant by a in their own words favorite, Sir Corbin.


No no no. Its your lack of imagination that prevents you from seeing the goblin past the jeans, not the foam slinger's.

The problem here is that one thinks a little bit of cloth wrapped around a ball of rubber bands is going to magically enhance some shared hallucination.


The cloth ball is merely a representation and requires no less a leap of imagination than pretending some guy in a throw-over tabbard is a pirate.

This game is one imagination stretch after another starting with the idea that we enter some different universe when out on the field.

More bull.

People who strive to vanish into some strange parallel reality are usually the people who call the cops when someone gets too drunk, bitch to security about someone being rude, and are never "in character" when actual gaming takes place and the possibility of losing comes into focus.

The most "in character" fop I ever came across was called the Wanderer from the CK. This inordinate waste of flesh would run from every challenge, fix every tournament, and talk the loudest about period, garb, and atmosphere.

Fuck him, fuck that, and fuck you.

Play Amtgard and enjoy it whether or not the 2nd level druid can make garb and whether or not he/she cares to. That is not the point and your bitching about it is merely your own cry to not be the only one fopped out because deep down you are just embarrassed as you should be.