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Sir Warlord Zyax Blackraven, of the Aegir's Hall, Westmarch.

”Kill 'em all!”

Zyax1.jpg Sir Warlord Zyax, Darkshore 2018


Zyax was a dominant Warlord during the 1980s-90s and a premier left-handed fighter. His persona is a lawful evil Anti-Paladin – the Darth Vader of Amtgard. His main strengths included large battle command and field prowess, though he spent many years in service to the crown as both a member of the king’s guard and captain of the king’s guard. He was active in the Burning Lands from 1983 through the late 1990s, but has since relocated and has been active in Westmarch since 2016.

Zyax has spent his entire Amtgard career as a key member of the Corsairs from even their earliest iteration as the Satisfiers of the Temple of Tyr. Soon after its creation, Zyax took over from Sir Morluk as Captain and spearheaded its growth, even as a young sword knight. He instilled many Corsair fundamentals that still stand to this day, such as the unanimous vote and the maggot.

Unfortunately, Zyax’s leadership style was more like a dictatorship which caused a Corsair civil war and resulted in the formation of the Saracens. Several notable Corsairs defected to the Saracens even including Raxx Blackraven who was Zyax’s mundane brother. Ultimately Zyax retired as Corsair captain and was made the first Corsair general.

Affiliated Groups

  • Satisfiers of the Temple of Tyr
  • Corsairs
  • Blackravens

Belted Family

Sir M'Deth of Benden

  • Sir Hellspawn Soulcrusher the Dark
    • Sir Zyax Blackraven
      • Squire Halavere Blackraven
      • Squire Sazzer Blackraven
      • Squire Kram Blackraven

Notable Accomplishments

Additional Images

Sir Zyax fighting Kam'aron, Burning Lands late 1980s
Sir Warlord Zyax, Grand Outlandish late 1980s
Sir Zyax and Squire Grymlac, Weaponmaster split bamboo shinai event early 1990s
Corsairs, Gathering of the Clans mid 1990s
Sir Zyax's personal heraldry
Sir Zyax fighting in a tournament at Westmarch Midreign 2019