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A.K.A. Satyr, Blaylock, Laylo.

Bio When I first started playing, I thought my aspirations would lead me down the Serpent path. I have a history of making monster garb and all manner of tunics and tabards. Crafting was my passion, and in a way it still is... but I found that the Rose path has truly been fulfilling. I still hold onto the vanity of one day being able to say "I'm a Master Garber!" But to me, the real pride of my journey has come from seeing how I am able to shape the experiences of those around me through service.

I try to be what I loved about the game when I first started (and still love about it) so that new and old players alike might be invigorated by the experience.

Some of my most fulfilling acts of service have been through my works as Guildmaster of Color for Blackspire; Helping to champion the validity and recognition of Color throughout the kingdom and finding ways to enrich everyone's lives through Color.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Master Garber (2023)
  • Master Rose (2022)
  • Keeper of the Flame title (2021)
  • Baronet/Varonétos title (2021)
  • First Paragon Color of Blackspire (2020)
  • Lord/Árchontas title (2020)
  • Kingdom Goat title (2015)
  • Poisoned half an army with a single orange (2014)

Park History

  • Blackspire: Satyr's Hollow (Current), Iron Keep, Silvermoon, Dragons Forge
  • Desert Winds: Skystone
  • Freeholds: Wyverns Summit
  • Northern Lights: Inland Ocean


Currently Knight: None

Current At-Arms: None

Current Page: None

Noble Beltline

Current Woman-At-Arms: Adracia Stonehold

Current Man-at-Arms: August Stonehold

Company & Households