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The Amtgarder formerly known as Baine Wolfheart, of Mists of the Dawn

Seen here with Ivy of Mists.


About Baine

A.K.A Pretty Boy "Mad Wolf" Sable in the Midwest Trading Company


Ampersand Wolfheart, "The amtgarder formally know as "Baine" who I shall refer to as "&" (pronounced am-per-sand)"~Rayhawk . Currently "Baine" renounces his name and past that also came with formation of Argent Wolf, and has been given a symbol by fellow friends and park members till he announces his new name. And at present finds the new symbol and nickname amusing.

Began playing Amtgard mid 2003 at Starmount. Transferred to become a member of Mists of the Dawn as of May 2007

Belted Family

Was a Squire to Sir Zodiac Darkjester, from 2006-2008. Dropped the belt in 2008. Had one Man at Arms, Aries Silvertree of Mists of the Dawn.

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Belted Family

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