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Woman-At-Arms Wren, of Forgotten Forest, Crystal Groves

“You've got to meet the right people, or become useful long enough”



Wren was voted to lead Forgotten Forest as the Regent in late December of 2015. In her short time in Amtgard, Wren has received a plenty of awards, most for her exquisite craftsmanship on garb and weaponry, and been on many RP adventures, including finding the Horseman of Death’s dagger during Feast of the Dead. Though she started in September of 2016, Wren has proved to be a valuable resource, an excellent teacher for the Forgotten Forest, and a colourful personality. (No really, her hair has been every colour of the rainbow. Some of them unintentionally.)

Affiliated Groups

On 10-19-2016, Wren joined Galaxy as the Communications Officer.

Belted Family

Wren is a Woman at Arms of Squire Kvothe. Kvothe is a Squire of Sir Pharoah DarkChylde

Notable Accomplishments