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===Belted Family===
===Belted Family===
{{Blackhawk belted line}}
*[[Sir]] [[Blackhawk]]
**[[Sir]] [[Anders]]
***{{Esselia belted line}}
===Facts Of Life===
===Facts Of Life===

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Page Vengar, of Caradoc Hold, Goldenvale.



Everyone loves Vengar, because he's awesome.

Facts about Vengar

  • Vengar is naturally bug repellant.
  • Vengar is allergic to shirts.
  • According to Joxar's testimony, Vengar can bench press several vehicles at once.
  • Vengar has an affinity for promiscuous sharks.
  • Vengar makes trick arrows. He is the rootinous, tootiness, shootiness trick-arrows scout this side of the Mississippi.

Unconfirmed facts about Vengar

  • Vengar may have an allergy to pants as well as shirts, but they don't seem to provoke as strong a reaction.

Belted Family

Facts Of Life

Vengar loves his Page sister more than anyone else.


Positions Held

  • Guild Master of Scouts, Caradoc Hold, June 2011-December 2011