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Who is True That?
True That began his Amtgard career as an attendee of the 2012 Albuquerque Comic Con. He attended each day as a different character: Morpheus of the Matrix; Simon Phoenix of Demolition Man; and The Kingpin.
As a member of Amtgard, True That has brought a new level of exuberance to Flurbiness, and Fair Play. He is a welcome, relatively new asset to the Duchy of Pegasus Valley.

Belted Line

Duchess Sir Quicksilver Lightfoot nav' Nox was Squire to Sir [Esoum]. 

Sir Quicksilver (Flame) (Crown)

  • Squire Tasare Erolan
  • Squire Shadow Silverblade
    • Page True That
  • Page River Swiftblade
  • Page Nasha
  • Man At Arms Bluskye - inactive