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===Affiliated Groups===
===Affiliated Groups===
[[Varangian Guard]]
[[Varangian Guard]]
(Fighting company)
[[Swords of Sangheilios]]
[[Swords of Sangheilios]]
===[[Belted Family]]===
===[[Belted Family]]===
===Notable Accomplishments===
===Notable Accomplishments===

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Thel Kai Vadam, of Astral Winds in Northreach




Thel Kai Vadam, A.K.A. The Arbiter, and/or Vadam`ee, and his brother, the other Arbiter, Fal Opa'Aiaac'ee, now Fal Opa'Aiaac, were once powerful warriors who both were apart of a strong and highly regarded guild in a far land. The guild's name was The Covenant. Unfortunately, they were exiled and banished from their homes and sent to this new land to survive on their own. Or so the Covenant thought. What they did not know was that there were other strong warriors in this new land.

The Arbiter brothers were exiled and banished because they failed an important task by the standards of the guild's elders/leaders, the Prophets.

However, they were exiled and banished to this new land and they want to build up a stronger force than the covenant, so they make a household known as THE SWORDS OF SANGHEILIOS.

Although, they both go their separate ways on the alignment path, they will both work together to build a strong and highly rated reputation with the people of this new land.

Thel has joined a strong and powerful fighting company called The Varangian Guard. Thel has chosen the path and alignment of chaotic neutral.

Fal has chosen the path and alignment of chaotic good.

The Arbiter brothers were in a sibling rivalry to see who is the best and true Arbiter, however Thel has triumphed many times, Fal shows promise to prove himself.

Right now it is just Thel and Fal in the household known as THE SWORDS OF SANGHEILIOS.

Little do they know, in the distant future they will meet a third Arbiter, named Ripa Moram, who also got banished. Who turns out to be a long, long lost brother. He was separated from them from birth.

That is Thel's Assassin RP back story for now, hope you enjoyed, haha. This will be updated every so often.

Thel's lizard-man RP: Draz'il is a part of race of demi-humans known as the lizard-men. He typically likes to to help all races and all sorts of people and/or things. So, he chose his occupation to be mercenary work.

He is a bit of a somewhat pacifist so he tends to only defend himself and his comrades from danger.

That is Thel's Lizard-man RP back story for now, hope you enjoyed, haha. This will be updated every so often.

Thel's Wyvern RP: Wii-phern (Wii-fern) the Wyvern (Wi-fern) is a wyvern who enjoys flying around watching humans. He likes to cause as much chaos as possible but he at least is honorable in fact if he isn't he feels like he would lose sense of his pride.

He offers to help those that offer him tributes because he is quite the collector however he won't do immorale things unless it has good cause. It is said that he is quite greedy like a dragon but lacks the arms to be one. He is envious of others with arms so if someone makes him a enemy he tends to hold grudges until he "collects" their arms as trophies.

That is Thel's Wii-Phern RP back story for now, hope you enjoyed, haha. This will be updated every so often.

Affiliated Groups

Varangian Guard (Fighting company) Swords of Sangheilios (household)

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

Awards 1st Order of the Griffin for showing Honor & 2nd Order of the Griffin, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Orders of the Jovius for being really jolly, 1st & 2nd Orders of the Lion for being one of the best champions & going above and beyond, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Orders of the Rose for having a Positive attitude and always volunteering to help, Always willing to lend a hand, & Jumping in when things need done, 1st Order of the Smith for Sponsoring Amtgard Events, 1st Order of the Warrior for combat prowess.

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