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I was not squired. Also, I was the first kingdom chronicler, and put out the first five issues of the star, of which the first few covers were done by sir nightlynx. In addition, I was the first person knighted for serpent in the ck.

in addition to the 2 mentioned, dame amerinda(zephram's wife), sir maniacles, sir lowell, and sir belloch were my squires.

Also, I am no longer playing sca, due to finances, and in fact have started playing on weekends at mystic springs in san antonio.

written by pebyr.

Thank you for the up date Pebyr; I will add the information you gave to your front page. Also, in general, please fell free to add any updates or corrections your self, we would be glad of your input. Linden 03:25, 6 January 2008 (EST)

I believe that I have Zephram's wife listed as Melinda. Is this correct? Linden 03:49, 6 January 2008 (EST)

yeah that's prolly right. I'd be more likely to trust your notes than my memory. ^_^ Her and chess were the first female knights of ck. In fact there was a tad bit of controversy, about who would get the nod of being first, so the king just knighted them simultaneously. I will of course put stuff in,when i notice or remember stuff. I am if nothing else, the one who remembers. :)

Hmmm, guess i forgot to mention being first kingdom prime minister. The first king, michael,had had bad experiences with an abusive kingdom prime minister, i believe. I do remember that his issue was that both terris lunae and bifost had local primes, and he did not agree that a kingdome prime minister was required. When Theo took over, one of the first things he did was appoint me kingdome prime minister. I had run michael's end reign, and had gotten everybody to donate food and stuff, and so was able to get about 200+ dollars. Found a bank with hours that I figured theo could get to, and got us a bank account and deposited that money. Talk about the old days, for a while i had the kingdom treasury in a coffee cup in my fridge. haha. At mid reign i was reconfirmed and served a complete term, for 9 months. Was also the first guild master of bards.

Interesting note, back in barad-duin days, nobody played bard. In fact, deurydilus of barad-duin was the first level 6 bard in amtgard, and i was the 2nd. Version 4.5 was hard to play, level 1 though 3 or 4, you just died alot. Then you got mimic, and then at 6 you got 5 fingers of death, so there you were with finger of death and able to mimic an anti-paladin or paladin. Dont think anybody was sure which was worst, a level 6 bard or a level 6 wizard. I do remember the 2nd week as king going to amarillo and going to the rules meeting where we tossed out the colorado rules, and decided among several things that bard would becomre more of a traditional spell caster with actual spell lists. Heh, to this day, i have no clue what the hell the current version is, i always just go to a reeve that knows me, and ask if i can play version 4.5. If they say yes, i just go out and do that. Yeah i know its lazy, but its alot easier.

by the way, the main reason people didn't play bard, was the restriction on having to bring an instrument on the field. I simply informed them that if pavarotti can state that the voice was an instrument, i could too. I've been told that doesn't work anymore, which is crap. You tell me i can't, and i'll got to monarchs, because that's crap. Though i do remember a burning lands battle game, where the reeve (ivar?) just old me, he wanted to hear me singing. heh, that's fine.