Sons of Odin

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Sons of Odin

”Valhalla awaits. Kick its doors down.”

"The Sons of Odin - The reason the Daughters of Athena need a shoulder to cry on."

"Ride for Ragnarok."




Tan, Green, and Black


The Sons of Odin are a Goldenvale fighting company founded in the summer of 2009, when several of us decided to make coordinating garb that had ideas stemming from adopting the personas of members of the Norse pantheon. Eventually, the idea grew into a full-on fighting company. Since becoming a fighting company, our objectives have become to help all of our members succeed in whatever area or path they choose to follow.


Atticky - Baldur

Laucian - Freyr

Perosa - Thor

Silvana - Fenrir

Zagan - Tyr

Wriel - Ullr

Notable Accomplishments

Being awesome. Maybe some day you could be too.

Additional Images

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More Information

  • Company Website

Our ORK Page