Shadow Wolves

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When Wolfmane joined Amtgard in 2006 he quickly learned about everything the game had to offer. One of those things he learned about was fighting companies. In just a few months of joining, he, along with many of his friends and family who had joined with him, chose to start a fighting company.

The company grew rapidly, mostly with members coming out of Mithril Hills. In fact, many members of Mithril Hills whom are now in other companies, got their start with the Shadow Wolves. The company has always prided itself on teaching, being welcoming, and working in large pack units to destory their foes.

As the years went on, membership dwindled. Between members whom went on to find homes in other companies, inactivity of many founding members, and other factors the company seemed to be down on it's last legs. At the start of 2015, Wolfmane decided to leave the company himself.

However, this was not the end of the Shadow Wolves, a long standing member, Selket, decided to take the reigns and continue the traditions of the company he loved. He recruited some new blood out of the membership of Mithril Hills, including long standing members like Morzan and Draknar. It is his goal to carry the Shadow Wolves forward into the future.


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