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The Irish Hawks

True Story

Seabach was created a week after joining Amtgard by Neum and Ivan. Enjoyed being apart of the D.U.C.K. house for their first week, but ultimately wanted to get their names out there by creating their own house.

Flurb Story

Late one night after their first encounter working with the D.U.C.K.s. Ivan and Neum decided there was more to life then just following orders. So they worked together to create a new team. With Neum's irish background, he decided the best name for their new team would be a fierce flying animal the hunts aquatic birds and rabbits. A hawk. Seabach. Thus the creation began. Their colours now can be seen from across the battle grounds. Green, white, and orange.


"Run fast, die fast, kill faster."- Harefor

Theme Song Kiss my Irish Ass- Flogging Molly


  • Neum-Leader
  • Ivan
  • Phyrren
  • Cedrid
  • Whitey
  • Grimbold- Belt holder
  • Harefor- Leprechaun
  • Tori- Leprechaun
  • Cal-Del- Belt holder