Samael McNikle

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Samael McNikle
Home Park Lands End
Current Park Stoneborn Keep
Kingdom Polaris
Year Started 2010
Noble Title Baronetex
Belt Status Squire to Sir Broton P Locksalt
McNikles Heraldry.png

Lord Samael McNikle, Selfie King of Polaris, of Stoneborn Keep, under Polaris

”Well... balls.”

"This forest is old... old as balls!"

"So much for the snowbeast."


McNikle was introduced to the game by Val in early 2010, he played on and off for a few months until Kite brought him to D.O.G. in Mankato, MN. He fell in love with event atmosphere and the competitive nature of battlegame at events. He moved to Polaris in early 2014.

  • McNikles is the spooniest.

RP Biography

Samael is the head of the McNikle family. Gallios and Kothir are his two in game brothers and Beatrice McNikle is his real life and in game wife.

Affiliated Groups


Formerly of Einherjar


Belted Family

Grand Duke Sir Broton Locksalt - Knight of the Crown

Notable Accomplishments & Titles

Offices Held


  • Master Rose, February 2022
  • Given title of Lord by Prince Argile of Rivermoor, August 2012
  • Given title of "Troll of Lands End" by entire park.
  • Given title of "Bringer of Hoes" by Lauxus Stormtide in 2019.
  • While not an official title, is known as "the Selife King of Polaris" by most of Polaris, for his sheer amount of selfies taken..

Other Notable Accomplishments

  • Founding member and First Captain of Espada
  • Founding member of Good Game Academy
  • Founded the free hold of Ashberne with his in game brother Kreon.
  • Warchief of the Einherjar (May 2015 - February 2017)
  • Founded the free hold of Stoneborn Keep in 2019.
  • Accidentally crashed the wedding of Cena and Lyrah in 2022

Additional Images

McNikle alternate attire

The Showdown: Goomba vs McNikle

More Information

  • Facebook[1]
  • Company Website

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