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The following rules are from an out of date rule-set

A Ryu Monster from the Book of Engoku.


The RyúKu, in their eternal quest to avoid the sun, live as far west as possible, in Vijayanagar. They tend towards the vast mausoleums and the Ganges River. Rumor has it one is living under the Taj Mahol[sic]. RyúKu are smoky, being nearly black along the back, and a dark grey along the belly.


Garb or armor with the suggestion of black and grey scales. Something that looks like an oriental celebration dragon would be excellent.


Type: Mystical Creature
Q/M Ratio: 8/1 (QUEST)
Armor: 4 points Natural Invulnerable
Weapons: 2 short swords (Natural)
Immunities: Control, Death, Disease, Poison, Subdual, Traps
Natural Lives: 3

Abilities & Traits


As per Elemental Caster