Rivers Edge

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Shire of River's Edge

A Shire located within the Kingdom of the Rising Winds. The park holds residence at Jackson Marrow Park in Kokomo, Indiana.

River's Edge
Kingdom Rising Winds
Status Shire
Founded April of 2018
City Kokomo, IN
Park Jackson Morrow Park
Contact Information
E-Mail Facebook
Meets Saturdays 1PM-5PM


Founded in April 08 of 2018. Born among the multitude of natural parks along river's across Kokomo, River's Edge established itself as a beacon of welcomed civilization with a focus on role play and community. With the location stuck in the middle of battles between halflings and lepus, lizardfolk shamans and their elemental matron, copign with gnome experiments gone horribly wrong and regular raids from neighboring empires, the Shire of River's Edge tests the community at every turn, and they always find a way to persevere.


•Lady Atlas Everdeen •Lando the Lost Satyr •Lord Barnabas Emberthorn Esquire •Baronet Lord Midnight Silvane •Elysian Evergreen •Gianthril Vendagard •Arana Woodfall •Kor •Talcus Pyre •Fiume of the Fay •Rashel Sorethorn •Levis


Contacts and Directions

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