Reyna Arafael

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Sir Reyna Arafael, Queen Mother of the Emerald Hills

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Born on Christmas day, she refuses to disclose her real age, saying age has no meaning in the Kingdom of Childhood. She is a professional artist who specializes in fantasy art. She is a published and popular paper back book artist. She is a acknowledged gifted psychic and reads the tarot cards. She was trained in Heraldry in the S.C.A. and used it while she worked both at Scarborough Faire as an artist for the Heraldry shop and later at Your Family Name Heraldry. Her handpainted tunics were admired through out the kingdoms. Reyna learned to belly dance in the S.C.A and later took classes at Isis studio. Her enthusiasm for life has taken her in many interesting directions. She was a horse trainer, still raises pinto horses, both large and mini sized and plays twelve string guitar, and brought the passion for music into the Emerald Hills. She dearly loves music (even though she can't carry a tune herself) She was the inspiration for the bardic circle of Amtgard.

Affiliated Groups

Member of Sable Pride

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

She has claimed to have been given other knights belts. This has been refuted.

Created the Song Book of the Freehills.

Additional Images

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