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Personal Heraldry

Full Name

Sir Habir Regan Saphiran Emerald Temperance Saphire World Aongmender Azkedelia Saphira Michael Abbadon Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar Winter Edgelord Engrexel Lechgual Defender Lord Inquisitor Esquire, son of Mortis Nuntius, self proclaimed national treasure of Neverwinter, Neverwinter head Inquisitor, Leader of the Neonist Army of Neverwinter.


“In Temperance the Emerald walks, his heart upon his sleeve unfurled. He seeks to serve the sun-bleached lands that rest upon the Sapphire World.”


Sir Regan is one of the most fun people in Amtgard. Wherever he is found, there will be people having a good time.

He never forgets his humble beginnings, and he strives to bring others with him on his journey or at least set them on the best path for their own. He is an excellent friend and mentor.

Sir Regan is renowned for his roleplay. He was chosen as the 2019 Amtgard Flurb of the Year.

For his service to Amtgard, he was elevated to Knight of the Flame on August 24, 2020 in abstentia. There will be a formal ceremony at a later time.

Beltline Lineage

[Seakon Tree]


Main character

  • Regan Lechgual
Regan preparing for battle with the staff his adopted father gave him

Regan was born in another world ruled by humans. Born of royalty, he lived a lavish life at a young age. Curious of why humans where the only ones to live in extravagance, he would venture outside of the city to explore. This often caused the outsiders to be aggressive to the little boy. One day on his adventure, he would be kidnapped and had a curse placed upon him. Upon the boys return his father grew distant from Regan and even would spit at him. One day the father decided that it is time to remove the boy from this world. Regan's father tossed him into a travel portal the kingdom mages made where he hoped his son would die. Regan ended up in a new world where he was cold, scared, and abandoned. Hatred grew in his heart, but his mothers kind words would always bring Regan back to his senses. He learned many things about this world he traveled to, but just as he arrived and learned the curse upon him transported him to yet another world. Regan learned in this world about portals and the beauty of world travel! He mastered the portal arts and begun his journey to different worlds to learn all he could, but to get revenge on his father who abandoned him. Eventually learning all the magics he could, he returned to his world. He joined with the other races to take down his father and his kingdom. No humans would live in this world ever again and all other races would be equal. Death was not enough for Regan when it came to his father. He trapped his fathers soul in a specter of death under his command to serve him forever. His fathers ghost would forever cry tears of blood and pay for abandoning his own child forever more. With his revenge sedated, Regan would travel to other worlds to study their lives, culture, and magics in order to keep balance between the worlds. Weather evil or good Regan would forever maintain the balance between the two.

Characters from Regan's adventures

  • Moolisa The Minotaur
Moolisa and Unicron signature tag team handshake

Moolisa was born to a tribe of the strongest Minotaur the land has ever seen. Unfortunately Moolisa was not born strong and was the weakest the tribe has ever seen. Mistaken for a girl, Moolisa was named as such. Growing up Moolisa was picked on for not having the strength needed for various Minotaur activities such as stalking strangers in mazes, lifting heavy objects, and of course wrestling. After being kicked out of the Minotaur Academy for lack of strength, Moolisa wandered the land in search for inspiration for living. Moolisa stumbled along a Half-Unicorn who was also on the journey of self. Walking together they became friends and learned all about each other and their struggling childhoods. One faithful day they ran into a famous wrestler who was also a earth elemental named The Rock. He challenged The duo to grow and grow in strength to one day beat him in the ring. Immediately they began to train and train. For years they dedicated their lives to lifting weights, and perfecting the wrestling arts. The day finally came when the duo would introduce themselves to the world as Moolisa and Unicron the tag team duo! Taking the world by storm, they won match after match after match! The match against the rock elemental was next week, but evil was afoot! A giant sentient foot killed the rock, his wrestling rival, by Smashing him into tiny rocks. The duo wanted revenge for the mentor that inspired them. In the ring they fought hard and eventually beat the evil afoot becoming not only the tag team champions, but also Moolisa dealing the final blow made him the World champion. To this day Moolisa and Unicron inspire young future wrestlers!

  • Kiki-Jiki islander spirit-walker
Kiki-Jiki summoning spirits

On a island far off the coast of Neverwinter lies a large island known to contain wild beasts and wilder natives. A tribe of islanders known as spirit-walkers inhabit the island! Known for their Mass rituals and brutal nature, these islanders slaughter any visitors! The chief is Kiki-Jiki and he rules with a iron fist. He controls the spirits of the natives and the visitors he kills in his rituals. Armed with his spirit drum, he can call spirits back home to their bodies, or send them to their god as a sacrifice. Once every few years they hold a festival where the chief is to feast until he is fat enough to not move. Then the chief is cooked and eaten by the tribe. Following that a new tribe leader is chosen! Ironically fearing death, Kiki-Jiki has abandoned the island and the village to hold a peaceful life where he can live the longest. Unfortunately the spirits of his ancestors haunt him to this day.

  • Richard Manly

Lets talk about me, me, me, and me! I am manly and i am above all men! I am beauty and grace! With my trusty hand mirror and my fighting skills i will continue to be the prettiest and manliest warrior of Neverwinter! Nastiness shall not defeat me because it isn't beautiful like me! My arch rival dirt ugly continues to try and remove my natural curly hair to make me less beautiful! He will never beat true beauty which isn't inside anybody but me! Be blinded by my gorgeous hair and manly pecks! autographs are free of course, but pictures will cost you!

  • Swiggity Swooty
Swiggity Swooty causing trouble for local healers

Swiggity Swooty is a northern mountain goblin who well lives in the northern mountains. Many goblins are put to work the moment they are born. Many do not survive to be past their teen years, but the ones lucky enough to do so are usually eaten by dragons. Wearing their anti- dragon detection outfits of bright neon, the goblins collect rocks and shines dropped by the local dragon who owns this mountain. One day on a expedition, Swiggity Swooty found the jackpot! The dragons horde unguarded! He slowly crept up to the gold and started to collect it in piles. Having filled his bah he went to walk out of the dragons cave and tripped on a rock and was sent plummeting to his death. The goblin awakes and notices this isnt the same land he is used to. bright color blue sky and clean air? Where am i?!? The curious goblin began to wander the world in search for more shines for his bag. Upon the way he met other goblins who met the same fate as Swiggity Swooty did. Swiggity Swag, Swiggity Sweiner, and Swiggity Swooty banded together and they formed a goblin tribe in the new world, doing tasks for shines!

  • Jonathan Knockersville

The man, the myth, the legend himself! the super peasant who does the wackiest and most insane stunts to ever hit Amtgardia! Jonathan Knockersville is a peasant who one day decided that basic work will never get him enough money to feed his family. In a crazy turn of events, Jonathan started to impress nobles with his daring feats and pranks! Whatever you wanted to see, he would do. Set himself on fire, Mock the local dragon, scale the castle wall by himself, swim in alligator infested waters, you name it! Nothing was crazy enough in his mind! it began to twist and warp his mind enough that he did even more insane things and became a legend among peasants!

  • Longrod Von hue gen dongens

A dwarf living in a city above the clouds! Longrod mines cloud ore all day for his profitable business! One day he dug further than he should of and was sent down into the earth below. Using his knowledge of the clouds, he opens up shop on the earth! He is Mr. fix it and can fix anything mechanical! Unfortunately he cannot fix his lack of love life. Being bored with his business, he ventures off to various dating expeditions to find his true love. Too Bad for Longrod that most dwarf women look like the men! Will he find love and happiness or is he "mining" for disaster. Pickaxers cant be choosers!

  • Aztaka, the Powerful
Aztaka the dragon stalks his prey

Aztaka, the mighty feathered serpent dragon! Aztaka was in slumber for years until a explorer released him from his sleep. Now Aztaka roams the jungles for sacrifices to snack on! Everything from giant worms to gnomes, this beast eats everything and anything. One day the beast was roaming the countryside when a band of worshipers where praying to their god. Feeling very hungry, he ate their god in front of the worshipers and left only the hat remaining. Aztaka took the hat and his life changed forever. The church of the hungry serpent was born! Wearing silly hats and eating lots of food, Aztaka would be worshiped by competitive eaters along the land! One day, tired of the worlds food, Aztaka ate himself as his final meal and said goodbye to the world he once lived in. Worshipers exist to this day and the god is prayed to before every eating competition in the land.

  • Desmond the detested

Desmond begins his life at a early age in a workers slave camp. Work was what he learned before anything else in life. Desmond's father, due to rough work conditions, would get drunk every night and occasionally beat Desmond. When his father returned from work, Desmond was forced to stay in his bead on the top bunk, unable to leave his bed. Desmond was only allowed to use the bathroom twice a day and always before bedtime. His father would repeatedly tell him only one lesson in life. "Do not cause issues for others" he would say to his son. These words of advice always kept Desmond going in his life and believed his father truly cared for him. His father never abandoned him and always made sure he had a home to stay in. One day Desmond's life would change forever. A local guard was talking bad about his father and something caused Desmond to attack him. The guard easily fought back and beat Desmond to a pulp. "Your father only wants you for money, you are not worth it." Desmond saw something that blew his mind. His father looked over as he was being beaten..... and walked away. His father abandoned him. Desmond believed he had nothing left to live for anymore. In anger he grabbed the guards dagger and slaughtered the guard. That night countless workers and guards of the encampment where decapitated and left to rot.....except his father. When Desmond arrived home, his father was drunk and ready to beat him. Desmond had other ideas as he rabidly attacked his father and in his rage stabbed his father over 300 times. His father was all that was left of his world. All that was left was himself......but he couldn't kill himself. He packed what little he had and began to walk from the camp, never to be seen again. He met a tribe of demons that inhabit this world and signed a deal to slaughter all parents abusive to their kids in exchange for the will to kill himself, but would never find it.

  • Wander, Might, Kind, Clever, Hero

Once upon a time in the world of darkness, there existed a village of tiny folk who lived within the safety of their village.Their thoughts and emotions were connected greatly by their bonds. Guarding the village day in and day out where 5 brothers named Wander, Might, Kind, Clever, and Hero. One day the brothers decided it was time to leave the village they protected for so long to go on their own adventures. Against the wishes of the village elders they went on their journey one at a time.

The first hero, Wander, left toward the dark forest to the north. A few steps in the dense forest he found fae folk. “Now this is a sight, none of the tiny folk leave the village by themselves!” the fae who shined bright would speak to the tiny folk. “You must be hungry, let me show you where you can eat and rest!” Wander would follow the glowing fae deeper into the forest where they found lots of mushrooms growing in abundance! “Eating one of these will cure any signs of being famished and keep you full for months!” Wander, who was curious about the new food, began to eat the mushrooms. After a bit of feasting, he began to cry, shiver, and shake before collapsing. “I knew a simple minded tiny folk such as yourself would fall for such a simple trick!” The fae, having tricked their prey began to drag his body away into the forest leaving Wander to die.

Knowing what has happened to his brother, Might goes into the forest to find his brother. He gets lost and finds himself confronted by an evil goblin ringleader! “Why do you stand in the way of the mightiest tiny folk! I need to find my brother!” Mighty gets louder with every line he speaks to intimidate the goblin. “You must pay the toll to get past me and I will make sure you pay up!” The goblin ringleader looks as strong as Mighty does and his voice is just as loud. Without warning the two trade blows one after another, fist against jaw! Eventually Mighty deals the finishing blow to the Goblin ringleaders jaw! Mighty, tired from his battle against the fierce opponent, sits out of breath. Out of nowhere he feels blood drip from his throat. As he collapses, he sees the goblin horde that was waiting for him to take rest so they can deal the final blow.

Kind was shocked and devastated by what happened to his brother. He hoped he could bring him back to life and help him. He ventured forth toward the swamplands by following the dark riverbank. Lost and with no clue where to go next, he hoped to find somebody to help him. Upon his travels he finds a Merfolk bleeding a lot on a tree next to the river. “Oh no, I must help him!” Kind rushes over to immediately cast healing magic on the injured merfolk. “I made it just in time it seems, they will be ok.” Kind was proud of his work in saving the merfolk and could do nothing but look on his patient in hopes they will awaken soon. In hope they could repay in kind by finding his brother. “Where am i, I can't see, who goes there!?!?!?” The merfolk sprung awake in a blinding confusion! “Stay back whoever you are, I got a knife!” Kind walked slowly toward his patient and tried to keep him calm, but was stabbed multiple times in the gut. Kind had no words as the patient he tried to save killed him.

Clever was the smartest of the tinyfolk and was not interested in saving his brothers who made their own foolish mistakes. He ventured south instead toward the other forest. Never letting his book leave his hands, he reads and reads as he walks on, not noticing that the trees themselves were moving. Clever finds himself at a rickety bridge, where underneath has a chasm with no bottom, and begins to walk on it until he is stopped halfway on the bridge by a loud voice. “Why have you come here tiny folk, You invade our forest without invitation!” On the other side of the bridge stands a treefolk with a long beard made of leaves. “As per our ancient rights you must answer our riddles and questions to pass!” Clever, who finally put his book down, smiles and laughs. “I am filled with all sorts of knowledge, you stand no chance! I will accept your challenge!” The treefolk nods and begin to ask many questions about life, meaning, riddles, and about the society the tinyfolk live in. Clever answers each with foolproof accuracy. “Is that the best you got treefolk, I was expecting a challenge! The treefolk laugh loudly and smile. “Well you are sure a cocky one. Let me ask the final question. What do you get when you take a tinyfolk who thinks he is clever and get him to be oblivious to his surroundings?” Clever who was stunned at the question notices the bridge he was on never existed. The treefolk created the bridge as an illusion to lure Clever to his death.

Angry as the passing of all his brother, Hero has begun to direct his blinding rage at those who murdered them. He went into the forest where the fae lived and cut all of the fae in half, leaving blood to soak the forest floor. Next he arrived at the goblins den where he chopped all of the goblins into mincemeat. He swam in the river till he found the previously injured merfolk and chopped off each of its limbs till it bled out and died. Walking south he found the treefolk and without hesitation burned all of the trees alive. Still blinded by anger, he leaves the forest to return to the village. Not noticing the rumbling around him he is flattened by a passing giant who could not see Hero due to his tiny size.

Upon the death of the brothers, the fire shamans found the tiny person village unprotected and proceded to murder and burn all of the innocent tiny people alive! Not one tiny person survived the slaughter. The tiny people will never be remembered now as none exist anymore. The moral of the story is to never leave the village in this dark world we live in, or everybody suffers.


Fighting Company



House Oleander

House Raven

Dwarven Forge

Club Vegeta dX

House Saphira


Neverwinter Illuminati

Notable Achievements

Winner 2019 Flurb of the Year

Name so long it dose not fit on the ORK

Became the 2nd adopted child of Mortis Nuntius

Paragon Bard

Paragon Healer



Self proclaimed national treasure of Neverwinter

Saint Kelevra's personal imperial healer

Most bloody fighter of Winters Edge last Crystalline Chronicles ever

Most Ballsy Peasant of KEEP 2019

Team Kobra Kai making a beholder laugh at Night Quest KEEP 2018

Helped launch Neverwinters main crazy fighter up the castle wall KEEP 2018

Helped bring the Reita the Oona, or southern Fae queen crown, to her Thus making her Queen of the fae in Neverwinter 2017

Had a entire team of 5 greater undead minions with silly hats to confuse the enemy

Wore 5 belts at one time and was able to still fight

conducted a live rendition "all star" by smash mouth with over 20 questers in order to complete a quest

Definitely NOT in the Neverwinter Illuminati maybe, no, yes, yeah