Raven's Hollow

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Raven's Hollow

A Shire of the Kingdom of Wetlands located in Huntsville, Texas.

Formerly known as Drakenfjord

Raven's Hollow is known for friendly and enthusiastic new players.


Raven's Hollow (originally known as Drakenfjord) originally became contracted in April of 2001 as a freehold in Amtgard, and was recognized as a Outpost of the Wetlands on November 1, 2001. It became a Shire in 2002, a Barony in 2003, and a Duchy in 2004. During these years Drakenfjord hosted several Wetlands events, including the Quals Tourneys of Pope O'Banion, King Feral, and King Micah, two Collegiums, and the only naval battle of the Cardinal's War under King Feral. Drakenfjord was also a leading developer of the short-lived Wetlands Tournament Circuit.

Following increased tensions with the Kingdom and neighbouring Provinces, Drakenfjord formally separated itself from the Wetlands to become the Free Duchy of Drakenfjord in July 2005. During this time it opened diplomatic relations similar groups, including NERO, Dagorhir, Belegarth, Darkon, and others. It remained an independent entity until October 2006 (as a Free Kingdom in April 2006), when the populace voted to join the High Fantasy Society due to that organization's similarity and tradition of autonomous Kingdoms.

Drakenfjord as a chapter of HFS, it was located around the Sam Houston National Forest. Drakenfjord was the only non-centralized Kingdom in the High Fantasy Society, in that it did not claim a single large city as it's "homeland" but is a collection of small towns that did not individually support a strong HFS population.

Drakenfjord was reinstated as part of Amtgard in January of 2016, with Mishka_Thundervoice as Monarch and Samuel Ironblood as Prime Minister. It is currently a Shire of the Wetlands and was soon renamed Raven's Hollow.


Being spread across East Texas, Drakenfjord maintains several semi-autonomous "provinces," and each of them hosts the official Kingdom Meeting on a rotating basis. These Provinces have included;

  • Verdenfeld (Rosenburg)
  • Joikki (Huntsville, merged with Griffin's Eyrie)
  • Griffin's Eyrie (Huntsville, merged with Joikki)
  • Sylvan Downs (Cleveland)
  • Dragon's Talon (Rye, merged with the Palisade)
  • Trockenveld (Plano, inactive)
  • Azure Moon (Huntsville, dissolved)
  • High Council (Livingston, dissolved)
  • The Palisade of Dragon's Talon (Livingston)

(NOTE: As of May 30, 2009, the Provincial system has been suspended for one year as part of a general restructuring of the kingdom's administration policies.)

Verdenfeld - Originally founded in Tomball, Verdenfeld is the oldest of the Provinces and was formed during the Amtgard days. Most of the populace voted to follow Drakenfjord into independence rather than continue working toward Wetlands recognition. The province requested and were permitted to use the Verdenfeld name by the Amtgardian Verdlanders, who had since dissolved. The Province formally transferred to Rosenberg soon after, where it has been small but steadily active since that time.

Azure Moon - Huntsville was the center of Drakenfjord in the Amtgard days. Two Provinces were formed soon after independence, Griffin's Eyrie and Joikki. The two groups ended up in direct competition with each other, hampered by several personality conflicts and infighting. Facing dwindling populations as a result, the Provinces chose to merge rather than be dissolved, and Azure Moon was the result. But officer difficulties soon plagued the province, and it was soon an entity only on paper. The Province was formally dissolved during the Reign of Aran Nawguthion-I.

Sylvan Downs - The fourth Province to form in the Free Duchy, it was founded in Cleveland and has remained active at various levels since it's recognition. Sylvan Downs hosted the first and second Kingdom Coronations, and was the site of the Althing that brought Drakenfjord into the HFS.

Trockenveld - Formed by Fjordsmen who had moved to Plano, the Province appeared to have great hopes and flourished quickly. However, the province suffered from heavy competition in the area (Challain, the Amt-kingdom of Emerald Hills, and a strong presence from the SCA and Dagorhir), and chose inactive status during the reign of King Cedric-II. The province unsuccessfully attempted to transfer it's banner to the Houston area and has become inactive.

The Palisade of Dragon's Talon - Livingston has been home two Provinces. The first, the High Council, was the last Province to form before joining the HFS. Although very active and dynamic, it fell apart following a crisis in leadership and was dissolved. At the same time, Dragon's Talon was a small Province in Rye that had maintained limited activity following independence and soon suffered from population problems. A year later, The Palisade was formed incorporating a few former members and many newcomers. Dragon's Talon was key in supporting this reformation and the two have merged as The Palisade of Dragon's Talon.



Contacts and Directions

Currently meeting Saturdays at Noon and Wednesdays at 5:30 Location is Eastham Thomason Park, located at 1500 7th St, Huntsville, TX 77320

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