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Woman at Arms, Lady Raksha, of Northern Holdfast, Iron Mountains




Raksha started Amtgard in 2015 and has entirely thrown herself into the game and all aspects. Within a few months of playing she became the Regent of Northern Holdfast and is active in A&S as well as the hierarchy and politics of Amtgard. She strives to be a fair, reasonable, and rational leader; upholding justice when possible.



Name: The name Raksha is from the Rudyard Kipling version of the Jungle Book. Raksha is the mother of the wolf pack, often referred to as the Demon Wolf. Of course, that fits extremely well, and she identifies greatly with her namesake.

Affiliated Groups

none at this time

Member of the - Wolves of Cernunnos

Belted Family

Raksha became woman-at-arms for Goglestofin in June 2016.

Notable Accomplishments

Order of the Garber: 1.

Order of the Rose: 1, 2, & 3.

Title of Lady: October 2016


Feb 2016-July 2016: Northern Holdfast Duchal Regent

Events Attended

Additional Images

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