Purple Sash

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by Roger Shrubstaff parody of [Big Blue Dress] by Cranius

I've been kicking ass since the dawn of time
I'm just a killing man who's reached his killing prime
I loot and I pillage and I slaughter by the score
and the arms of my choice are a sword and a board

So why I ask, it really does seam rash
that a man of my stature should have to wear a sash
I mean what may I inquire, were you thinking on that day
that you conjured up for a man like me a sash that looks so gay?

(backing chorus if you have some)
aaaaaaaaaa come on up and hack your troubles away..
aaaaaaaaaa he uses swords but his sash looks so gay

I was taught my craft at the dawn of pain
You may not like my methods but you'll surely know my name
I just walk into town and then I start to maim
A few moments later and you'll never be the same


So if you're embarrassed and you hang your head in shame
You'd like an opportunity to redeem your worthy name
Well just remember this: when next in town you're seen
That a man who's truly skilled can look quite good in green