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Lady Squire Piper Lesonette of Blackthorne

"I mean you don't take any shit, but you don't come back with this big catty idiot storm like so many people are fond of" -Potato

"It was TOO MUCH for Piper. MORE than she could TAKE." -Asmund

"I'm probably alone in this, but I find toast exciting." -The woman herself.


Piper originated in the Kingdom of Crystal Groves. In 2006, Piper worked with others to found Black Flame, which is now defunct. She has moved around here and there but is currently calling the Shire of Blackthorne, of which she is also a founding member, home.

She enjoys sailing, drinking, ordering people around, and singing, especially when she's been drinking. Fortunately it's good singing. Although she fights now and then, her favorite aspects of Amtgard are Service and RP. She is known for making things here and there when the mood strikes, as well.

She is squired to Sir Kenshin, and has a woman-at-arms, Sylvia Sly, and a man-at-arms, Tarnaith that she enjoys working with. In 2010, she married Jynx Mercades.

She was given the title of Lady on February 28, 2010.

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