Orion Haeren

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Squire Orion Haeren of the Duchy of Crimson Wood, Kingdom of Westmarch

Orion's Heraldry
Home Park Crimson Wood
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 2004
Noble Title no title
Belt Status Squire to Sir Blackthorn

"Yeah I'll just tell Kirk I'm dropping his belt cause he doesn't put out. I wonder if he'd kick me in the face?" -Orion to Drenth

"Bitch just got FUCKED UP!!!" - Orion at FoM 5

"These are the exact reasons why I carry around a rape whistle" - Orion to Orko at SKBC 2010

evil Randy on the left, Orion Haeren on the right.

General Information

One of Crimson Wood's best fighters, regularly dominating tournaments with single short & Sword and Shield.

Occasionally busts out with a freestyle rap on the field.

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