Nomad Fishslayer

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Sir Nomad Fishslayer, of Wetlands

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Nomad was active in the early 1990s, playing at Irongate before moving to Houston where he helped form Granite_Spire and lay some of the groundwork for the Kingdom of The Wetlands. After participating in an ill-fated assassination attempt against then-King Ivar_Nefarious, he was executed in court. He was later resurrected by a healer and was executed during court nine more times by several monarchs including Dustin_Darkenmane for such offenses as "showing up" and "wearing too much red."

Affiliated Groups

Crimson Maurauders Pythonians Scarlet Rogue

Belted Family

Nomad was never a squire or a page. His squires were:

  • Xerryss
  • Tristan

Notable Accomplishments

Additional Images

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More Information

  • Personal Website
  • Company Website