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===Titles I may or may not use on various occasions===
===Titles I may or may not use on various occasions===
Shadowblade, Requiem Eeternam, Discordian, The Imaginary
Shadowblade, Requiem Aeternam, Discordian, The Imaginary
===Notable Accomplishments===
===Notable Accomplishments===

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Nephilim Fáelán The Fated, Shadowblade


Joined Amtgard in 2015, at the park of NodRama, in the Kingdom if Neverwinter. Currently the longest active member of NodRama. After being elevated to paragon in 2018, Nephilim started his own fledgling household, Harmonic Entropy. It had a few members show interest, and then the founder had to take a hiatus due to issues of mundane origin, and it stalled. After his relatively quick return, he jumped in, getting belted to Farid, apprenticed in hopes of getting a second paragon, and running for and getting appointed to his park Chancellor. At the same time, due to a vacancy in the position, he became the pro tempore Champion. Since earning his first paragon title, he has a standing offer to make paracord paragon sashes for every newly elevated paragons at his park or in his household, and has extended that offer to those members of other parks to which he has become friends.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Nephilim has two separate belt families.

Sir Michael Hammer of God (Crown)(Sword)(Flame)(Serpent)

Sir Stinkfoot (Crown)(Serpent)

Apprentices and Standards for Becoming One

As a sponsor, I accept responsibility for your behaviour, and knowledge of your class. I will work with you to make you a distinguished member of the Class Guild of your choice. I will also represent you in the Circle of Paragons, and advocate for your Paragon once I feel it is deserved.

To become an apprentice under Nephilim you must:

  • Be actively leveling the class you are apprenticing as.
  • Be an active and contributing member of your current Kingdom.
  • Be willing to listen to advice given by your sponsor (IE Nephilim).
  • Have good battlefield conduct, as determined by either your home park or Nephilim.


Titles I may or may not use on various occasions

Shadowblade, Requiem Aeternam, Discordian, The Imaginary

Notable Accomplishments

Guildmaster of Assassins (Neverwinter) 07/2019

Apprentice Druid to Reita Yünōwhogod 06/2019

NodRama Chancellor and Champion 06/2019

Man at Arms to Squire Count Farid al-Baz ibn-Goldmoon 05/2019

Paragon Assassin granted 08/2018 by Kelbo D'Monet (Took the honorary title: Shadowblade)