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Squire Neiva G.S. Morningstar, of Granite Spyre, Kingdom of the Wetlands

"They were just kinda weird." - Alyan V. Morningstar




While apart of the new dimension they have entered, Neiva has learned the true way of Orc life, as is meant. Not as to what is shown through the sacred texts hidden in many tales, while they are often found using the abilities of a Barbarian, they are much more than that. In fact, they have started to see themselves through bigger eyes. The eyes once saw themselves through are that of a Healer who can keep people beyond themselves up, and can actually save people from the monsters of the world. However after dealing with the Horde of Gruumsh, they realized control over the monsters is the only way to eventually save the Kingdom from them, thus they now follow the hymns of the Bard and will make sure no creature can move without Neiva’s voice being dictated.

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Neiva started Amtgard by entering the World Banner Wars 2017 in the Emerald Hills. While their team didn't place they began their love for Amtgard while playing the Barbarian class. They continued to play it to eventually reach Level 6 in the class at the End Reign of the Wetlands Reign XLVI. While at Spring War, they ended up finding some new friends in the Celestial Kingdom and is currently a Sparkle member of the service household House Sparkle. It was at the Wetlands Endreign 46, Neiva became a swabbie under the Pirates of Stormwall, and was sponsored by Duke Sir Ozymandias De Mandaloria of the Clan McTubbins. It was at the Kingdom Midreign for WL Reign 47 that they became an official Pirate of Stormwall. They reached Level 6 in Healer the following Park Day at Fool’s Demise after the Wetlands Relic Quest for Reign 47. They were Squired under Ozymandias De Mandaloria of the Clan McTubbins during the Wetlands Endreign 47.

Currently Neiva plans to work on their Bard class to reach Level 6 and help their teammates by fighting alongside them and singing enemies away so their team can continue to fight without fear. They currently live in the Wetlands and are usually found at either Granite Spyre or The Crossways.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Awards List

Award Order Number Recieved By Whom
Order of the Rose 5 14 July 2019 Apex Q
Order of the Warrior 3 16 June 2018 Singalia Abelian von Fibonacci
Order of the Lion 2 8 September 2019 Ira Brimstone
Order of the Dragon 2 27 January 2019 Cassus Anima
Order of the Smith 1 8 September 2019 Ira Brimstone
Order of the Griffin 1 27 January 2019 Cassus Anima
Order of the Flame 1 18 August 2018 Chewie Lightguard
Order of the Owl 1 10 June 2018 Rook Hightower

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