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'' “Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in thy way, and to bring thee into the place I have prepared. Beware of him, and obey his voice, provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgressions: for my name is in him.” - On Moshe
'' “Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in thy way, and to bring thee into the place I have prepared. Beware of him, and obey his voice, provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgressions: for my name is in him.” - On Moshe
''“I would prefer to take you alive. But I get paid either way.”''
''“I would prefer to take you alive. But I get paid either way.” - Quote''
''“Greetings Moshe, my name is Kreed!” - [[Kreed]]’s greeting to Moshe''
===Character Description===
===Character Description===

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Herald-Captain Moshe Launyx, Sellsword of Felfrost in the Nine Blades


“Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in thy way, and to bring thee into the place I have prepared. Beware of him, and obey his voice, provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgressions: for my name is in him.” - On Moshe

“I would prefer to take you alive. But I get paid either way.” - Quote

“Greetings Moshe, my name is Kreed!” - Kreed’s greeting to Moshe

Character Description

At full height, Moshe stands at six feet and eight inches, much smaller than most Angels by a good degree. As with all Seraphs and their descendants, his true form possesses six wings with four heads. His first head being that of his human form, the second resembling a Lion, the third resembles a Wolf and the fourth represents an Eagle. His six wings possess a brilliant silver hue, as does his halo, both of which are only visible when willed so. With two wings he covers his face, with two his covers his legs, and with two he flies.

It is important to note that only Celestials or those of equal power may perceive a Nephilim in their true form. The only exception being a magic user of sufficient power to possess Magesight.

He often takes an ordinary form to be sensible in his interactions with humans. As with all beings that possess The One Above All’s Grace, he is endowed with incredible combat and miraculous abilities. Like his aunts and uncles, he may summon the elements (mage classes) when appropriate, as well as turn invisible (insubstantial) at any time. There is a common misconception that Moshe can teleport. In reality, unless teleported by another, Moshe simply utilizes his wings to move at speeds that cannot be perceived by mortals.

As a Nephilim, Moshe possesses the ability to use Grace and ascend to a true Angelic form when fully empowered. While in this celestial state, Moshe becomes known as Moshiel (Translated: “Son Drawn From Water of God”) the Seraphim of Balance. It is possible to summon Moshe or Moshiel by praying to the Steel Phoenix or The One Above All. As with all Nephilim, once fully matured Moshe will reach a level of power beyond that of their parent.

He is commonly seen draped in his cream tunic, a black cloak upon his back, sporting a black sash and paired leather bracers and leggings. When preforming Heraldic duties, he sports an additional white toga or cloak. He has no specific weapons, and uses that which is available.

Character Biography

Colloquially known as ‘Moshe’, (Moh-She or Moh-Shh) and ‘Launyx’ (Lau-Nicks). Originally hailing from a realm far from Amtgardia, Moshe found his stock and trade as a wandering swordsman and Sellsword for those who would hire him.

It wasn’t uncommon for him to preform in battle, as a personal guard, or an assassin. Most contracts called for dead targets, though the ones that give him a choice have usually been brought back alive. He has an abnormally healthy morale compass for someone of his profession, and would regularly allow his opponents a chance to surrender and submit, or fight on their behalf. That is, assuming the battle would be beneficial to both parties. If circumstances arose that direct confrontation would be inadvisable, he would return to his shadowy roots and use stealth and guile to down his prey.

Having defied the wishes of a local Lord and rebuking his attempts to hire Moshe on as a permanent retainer, he was exiled from his former home in Oakenvale and found himself traveling across vast forest lands and mountainous terrain. Eventually he made his way to the province of Angair, within his home realm, and was taken into service at the Silverspire by a powerful mage known as Kairo. In order to prove his mettle, he was tasked with a quest to fulfill and sent through magic to Amtgardia. As with most of Kairo’s protégés, he was not told the specifics of the quest, and was instead left to find the meaning of the journey and complete his task before returning home.

Upon arriving in Amtgardia, he was met by a derelict town seemingly under reconstruction. Entering a nearby tavern to find news of a possible threat in hopes of completing his task, he was met by two strange individuals, one of which sat squarely on the table they both drank at. Introductions where made, and he was informed that most of the threat to this newfound area had past, and rebuilding efforts were now underway across the Duchy known as Felfrost. He soon fell under their banner and fought alongside its denizens on multiple occasions, finding a taciturn place for one of his skills among their classed Assassins. Though part of no Guild or Company, he did for a time work alongside the Mackenzies in defense of Felfrost.

On such an occasion, he and those residents of Felfrost in attendance where transported to another plane of existence by a being known as Hearts. The Archon, Hearts, and his companion Diamonds where at odds on the subject of a summoning circle. The circle in question was the brainchild of the Gods themselves, and Hearts intended to open the portal with the aide of those he had transported. However, Diamonds was opposed to the entire ordeal and made it clear to all the dangers it could potentially bring upon Felfrost and Amtgardia as a whole. In the face of such a decision, Moshe and the entirety of Felfrost’s inhabitants decided against the summoning and fought Hearts into submission, destroying the circle and preventing anything from coming through.

In the weeks that followed, Moshe made a point to continue his training beneath the Guildmaster of Assassins and Duke of Felfrost, Count Veran, and those willing. Having gained valuable experience from his first taste of Amtgardia adventure, he quickly began to rise in skill and tenacity, earning a somewhat respected place among his peers. During this time, Count Veran received word of an attack on a lumber town within Felfrost’s domain. Those capable of the Duchy where promptly sent forth to deal with the occupying bandits, only to find the town slaughtered and ransacked, destroyed without purpose. Though the initial attack from the east did not break through the enemies defenses, Moshe alongside the west attacking forces preformed a pincer maneuver and cut off the bandits. The west forces broke through their defenses and won the day. Following the discovery of strange tunes carved into the flesh of their enemies, Moshe was promptly granted permission to search the remains of the Town alongside Lord Tyriel and his mechanical golem, Jeeves. The trio managed to capture a lone surviving bandit and, through force and aggression, gained whatever knowledge they could on the runes and the reasons behind the attack. To this day, the investigation remains underway.

Shortly thereafter, the denizens of Felfrost, Linnagond and Wolvenfang found themselves transported to a mirror of Amtgardia known as Raven’s Knoll. There, Moshe found himself being introduced to a pair of Assassins deep in the night. These assassins, Kronos and Albatross, informed him of an impending assassination on the local Monarchs. Accepting the contract, he began to work and prepare alongside Kronos and fellow assassin Kronin, and a turncoat member of the very same family; Winston. Winston was the heir to the Raven’s Throne, but was commonly regarded as the black sheep of his family for his relatively virtuous policies. Through both Winston and Kronos, it was revealed that the contract had been requested by the diety known as the Steel Phoenix. Binding himself to the deity alongside Kronos, Kronin, Kreed, Kestrel and Meera. The assassination was not a success, with only two of the three meeting death, with the Raven Queen managing to escape. During the chaos, Moshe was tracked down and slain by Wolvenfang’s own Duke Granite Wolvenvein. Upon being revived, it was then revealed he had been Chosen by the Steel Phoenix to met out judgement in the interest of maintaining balance.

Now that the assassination was complete, the denizens of Raven’s Knoll immediately turned to blaming the Amtgarders, hostilities rapidly increased. Now trapped in Raven’s Knoll, the opposing warbands fled from the Capital and traveled to the town of Maria. There, Moshe was introduced to the Assassin Krill, who greeted him with a sword set against his throat. The Raven Queen had hired many assassins to wipe out Moshe and his allies, but the Steel Phoenix did not let him die - instead it sent him back once more, this time equipped to end the Raven Queen and her minions once and for all.

Though his task remains ever elusive, he has begun to believe this place could make a good and welcome home for himself. Time will tell what comes next of his adventures.

Positions Held

Herald of Felfrost - Herald-Captain


  • Poppy Moonclaw - Partner
  • TOAA - The One Above All, Patron Diety
  • The Mackenzies - Felfrost Militiamen
  • The Steel Phoenix - Chosen by Diety
  • Efkinitos Clan - Adoptive Clan
  • The Steel Griffons - Warband (Founding Member)
  • The Steel Legion - Warband (Founding Member)
  • Banana Party - Household (Founding Member)

Notable Achievements

None as of yet.

More Information

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