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[[category: Master Druids]]
[[category: Master Druids]]
[[Category:Members of House Sparkle]]
[[Category:Members of House Sparkle]]
[[Category: Ladies]]

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Lady, EdgeLord, Squire, CodeName: Project MidNite Sparkle, Lady of House Sparkle, Quintessence Enchantress (Paragon Druid), The Last Celestial Kingdom Guildmaster of Druids, DenMother of Traitor's Gate, MidLand Emissary of the SMOLS, of Traitor's Gate Celestial Kingdom.

" I serve to be a beacon of light in the Darkness, once you Sparkle bright enough you catch Flame. Serving others is our path to Greatness"

Midnite Druid.jpg

Lady Sparkle.jpg


Lady MidNite.jpg


The flurbiest flurb in the game!

Affiliated Groups


House Sparkle

Traitor's Gate

Celestial Kingdom

House Fierce

LGBTQ+ Pride Coalition

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Order of the Boken, Given by Tomyris, September 2017
  • Paragon Druid, Given by Grifterr, May 2018
  • Order of the Guise, Catrysa Trakand, June 2018
  • Den Mother, Grifterr, December 2018

Additional Images

  • Link to image 1
  • Link to image 2

More Information

  • Orkicon2.gif
  • Personal Website
  • Company Website