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The Minnesota Amtgard May Event

The Minnesota Amtgard May Event, or M.A.M.E., was an event held May 22nd-24th 2015 at McGowan Farm, Mankato, MN. The event is the fourth in a series of events which started with G.A.M.E. in 2010 and continued with The Sequel in 2012 before it's current incarnation as the Minnesota Amtgard May Event.

The event drew 243 people, 177 along from Polaris from across Amtgard beating Spring War's attendance for the year and setting a new record for attendance for an Amtgard event to be held in Minnesota as of 2015. The event favour was a Pewter medallion.



In the order they are occurred.

Friday, the 22nd

Friday evening included:


Some preparation for the following day, although for most this just meant setting up camp.

Evening game: Raptor battle

Valduthian hosted a game where Polaris was under attack by packs of Velociraptors. The players trying to make a name for themselves raided the Velociraptor nest, rounding up the eggs and slaying the raptors.

Saturday the 23rd


Pancakes, sausage, biscuits&gravy; lots of good stuff.

The fifth annual Starmount cinder block invitational

Since it was first held at G.A.M.E. in 2010, the Starmount cinder block invitational has been the competition of choice to start the morning. This year Cairo took home the glory of being the champion cinderbock chucker as well as a bottle of Moscato.


Contestants were to run a course throwing spell balls through targets. Each target hoop made would take time off of one's run. Unfortunately players soon figured out the rules as written made throwing all their spell balls through the smallest, highest deduction target was the way to go. The prize was a set of live steel throwing knives which went to Kite with a score time of -12.76 seconds.

Capture the Flag

Two teams marked with headbands fought over a neutral flag.


Consisted of walking tacos. They were a hit.

Castle Battle

Zhukai ran the battle as a militia Knights & Squires vs the world. Intense battle was fought and a good time was had.

Romans vs. Barbarians 4

The Romans were captained by Sir Micah and the barbarians by Broton. The Romans dominated the battle, pushing the Barbarian horde to the brink before the battle was interrupted by the undead horde. The Romans and Barbarians banded together to vanquish this common enemy.


Was Kabobs, rice, rolls, and cookies. In the tradition of Starmount feasts, nobody left hungry unless they chose to.


Served as Midreign court for Polaris. In addition to the court of Prince Broton, Queen Daedera Dragoneye of the Rising Winds stood before all gathered to knight Sir Raphael of the Serpent, his final belt.

Scarhart Idol

A bardic was held.
-Part one consisted of entrants singing the song "Black Widows in the Privy".
-Part two, free choice of performance.
-Part three was "sing for a beer". Entrants sang a songs or told a stories and received a titular award upon completion, given that they were of age.

Sunday the 24th



Best of the Best finals

Postponed to a later date due to weather and a missing prince.


The people of Polaris and their distinguished guests made the site spotless, packed their things and went their separate ways.



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