Lord Sweetchunk Mctubbins

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Lord Squire Sweetchunk Danger McTubbins of Sunfall Abbey.

I'm a grown ass man, I do as I please!

Yer lucky I didn't post the first photo that came to mind. - Denah (code editor for this page)



With an evil leer and a heart of gold, this big guy takes his honor and his game seriously. He joined the game in 2008 and has been a member of Satyrs Crossing in the Rising Winds, Shadowkeep in the Wetlands, and his home park of Sunfall Abbey.

Chunk, as he is called by some, takes delight in doing as his Knight/Cap'n commands, including being a sneaky devil while promoting inter-park relations. He is also a workhorse when it comes to set-up and tear-down for Midnight Munchies as hosted by the Pirates of Stormwall, and is often seen at the end of an event with a trash bag in one hand picking up other people's messes.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family


  • Would like to run for King
  • Working to be considered for Flame Knight

Notable Accomplishments

  • Drank the Pirates of Stormwall's dreaded Hair of the Frog in 2 hours, surviving to give a rousing speech to introduce the new Wetlands' Monarch at the Coronation for Reign XXXVII (Fall 2014).


Positions Held

  • Orkicon2.gif