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Kurato Clan


Kurato Clan is an inter-kingdom household formed in Truevale by Shadow, Loup De Noir, and Tsintani Vacura in December of 2005.The almighty and infallible Kurato is based primarily in the Desert Winds and Iron Mountains. They expanded to the Iron Mountains when Loup moved to Crimson in October of 2006.

Kurato Ski was founded with the idea of creating a new family from friends. The Kurato believe that loyalty, honor, and courage are aspects that each one of us should always work on to attain a higher level of such.

Members of Kurato present themselves as honorable ninjas.

Ninjas of Kurato do a variety of activities in Amtgard. Political office, service, Arts and Sciences, and fighting are just the scope of what they particpate in. Some members have focused on Jugging in recent years, and have no small amount of skill with it.

Kurato Clan is always recruiting.

Bloodlines of Kurato Ski

Bloodline of Duke Sir Loup De Noir, Marok:

  • Akira Morgan DarkFeather, Kurato
  • Kairi, Kurato.
  • Lady Crystal, Kurato
  • Phica the Fox, Kurato

Bloodline of Shadow, Ancient Core Kurato:

  • Lady Ticono DeNoir, Kurato

Bloodline of Tsintani Vacura, Ancient Core Kurato:

  • Delryn Relvis, Kasar

Bloodline of Kaz, Ancient Kurato:

  • Everlast, Kasar

  • Drekka Rune, Kurato

Bloodline of Chimyrus, Ancient Kurato:

Bloodline of Woman-at-Arms Destin, Ancient Kurato:

Bloodline of IKIYA, Ancient Kurato:

Bloodline of Baronet Squire Goglestofin, Ancient Kurato and Sword of the Empire of the Iron Mountains:

  • Gir Twinkletoes, Kurato.
  • Turtle, Kurato.

Bloodline of Serf Farlore, Ancient Kurato:

  • Kiaro, Kurato

Bloodline of Random Asian Dude, Kurato:

Bloodline of Lust Swordsinger, Ancient Kurato:

Notable accomplishments

  • Had a majority of the members belong to Kurato on the team who won the Gauntlet Tournament at Rakis 2006.
  • Placed in the Jugging Tournament at Rakis 2006.
  • Stole the Pirate flag at Chopstock 2006.
  • Placed 2nd in the then Principality of the Desert Winds Jugging Tournament at Salt Wars 2007.
  • Team Erosion, which has Kurato members on the team, took 3rd place at Mile High International. Erosion finished behind the Irish and the Australians and were the best American team in the tournament.