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From the Rulebook:

The bearing player or object is not affected by Magic or Abilities from a given School.

Immunity granted as a Trait does not prevent players from making use of their own class Abilities.

Unless otherwise noted, Immunities do not extend beyond the player or object that has them.
Example: A player with Immunity to Flame can still have their armor destroyed by a Fireball.

Unless otherwise noted, players with Immunities may still be targeted by Magic and Abilities of the given School.
Example: A player with Immunity to Flame can still be the target of Pyrotechnics which would still destroy their equipment (as Immunities do not extend to equipment unless noted).

Immunities do not interact with Enchantments worn by the player.
Example One: An Anti-Paladin may wear the Flameblade Enchantment.
Example Two: A player with Protection From Magic still gains Stopped if Corrosive Mist is later cast on them.
Example Three: A player may still benefit from the Heal from Regeneration, even if they are Cursed.
Example Four: A player with Greater Undead Minion and Enlightened Soul would still have their enchantment removed when Banish is cast on them while Insubstantial.