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House Raven

”“And the crow once called the raven black.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

Household Heraldry Raven Main.jpg

Biography of Group

All are welcome to our house. We are centered on A&S and look to better our members as a whole. We work with new players to teach them all that Amtgard has to offer. We routinely invite experienced members to household events to learn something new. House Raven was founded to help support Amtgard members in every aspect of A&S. In addition we are as equally proud to stand apart from other households and set the bar as being a strong service based group. Please share your projects, ask for help, and make suggestions on things that you can see Raven doing for other's. Please stay current for posting's on upcoming park's event's of interest on this page.

History: House Raven is an offshoot from the Atalantian household Golden Raven which was started in Storvik by Lady Brenna and Sir Gauss Magnuson. Our founder is the son of Sir Gauss and wishes to honor his father by bringing his love for the arts and sciences to Amtgard.


Additional Images

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More Information

  • Contact [email directly to the Lady of the house: for more information.

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