History of Midnight Sun 1990-1994

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The original Midnight Sun was founded as a Barony in July of 1990 by a local group with a friend in The Celestial Kingdom that sent them a copy of the rulebook.

In late 1990 MS discovered Ironcloud and began to visit that park, which led to a confrontation with officers from the Kingdom of The Emerald Hills. The EH representatives questioned the legitimacy of MS since they were not sponsored by a Kingdom, the BL corpora(which all Amtgard groups used at the time) mentioned independent groups but did not spell out their privileges or limitations. The group changed its name to the Shire of Barwicke but continued to meet as an independent group.

In may of 1991 Raymare, a founding member of MS, ran for Monarch of EH and was allowed to enter Crown Qualifications, and was awarded a Hydra and a Griffin, although he lost the election to Lorn. 3 months later another member of the shire ran for Kingdom PM and was told that unless Barwicke agreed to join the Kingdom he would not be allowed on the ballot. Barwicke declined.

In early 1992 Aron, then King of the EH befriended many members of Barwicke. When the Shire of Shadowdale agreed to merge with Barwicke, forming the Independent Duchy of the Midnight Sun, Aron helped write and agreed to the power of the independent Duchy to award titles and awards one level below a Kingdom.

At Clan 1992 Cearen, the current Duke of Midnight Sun, began discussing a bid for Kingdom, but Kaz, the current monarch of EH suggested instead joining the Emerald Hills. Talks progressed until Kaz's Midreign, when during court he announced that MS might soon join the EH, he ended his speech with: "Until then, all honors and awards given by the Midnight Sun will not be recognized by any Kingdom in Amtgard. Court's dismissed." Afterward the visiting monarchs, King Rufus of the Celestial Kingdom and King Euric of the Golden Plains, irritated that Kaz hadn't allowed them audience during court or given anyone the opportunity to refute his statements, approached Duke Cearen with the promise that any awards and honors that the Duchy wanted to award would be signed by either of their Kingdoms.

During the next two years the Duchy gathered the paperwork and Circulated an open letter to the the monarchs of all Kingdoms of Amtgard in order to put forth a bid for Kingdom status at Clan 1994. Their bid for Kingdom was rejected by the COM, mainly due to their proximity to the EH. It was rumored that this is the reason for the addition of the 150 miles between Kingdoms rule to the formation of new Kingdoms.

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Source Article: The Independent Duchy of the Midnight Sun Offers a Timeline and Recollection of Events to this Point.