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Fighting company based out of the Kingdom of Blackspire.

Havoc was formed in January 2006, just prior to Blackspire Winterbash. It was founded by a small group of friends whom were dissatisfied with the companies they had previously belonged to. Built around a general concept that the only thing the group would focus on was battlefield dominance as a unit. Havoc quickly grew and had some early successes when it came to wars.

Havoc's quick rate of growth, mostly due to adding people to the company that were friends of the members, lead to some problems in July of 2008. There grew to be three conflicting opinions on the direction that the company should go in. After a long talk it was decided that many of the members would leave the company so that those whom wanted to stay true to Havoc's original purpose could keep the company.

Heraldry: flaming white skull on black field.


Captain of Havoc

Members of Havoc

Pledges to Havoc

  • Trinity of Deep Water Gorge

Reserve Members (Inactive)

  • Squire Bahick
  • Man-at-Arms Sabian
  • Man-at-Arms Fitticus