Gabriel Aerandil Viridian

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Lord Gabriel Aerandil Viridian, of Dark Shores, Iron Mountains

" Being proud of what you've done is one thing, being arrogant is another. If more dedicated players cared less about how prestigious, accomplished, or important people perceive them to be and more about just relaxing and having fun, or helping people and their park out we'd all be better off for it."


Having played briefly in the now defunct shire of Three Rivers Gabriel came out to Amtgard many years later in the summer of 2008, and joined the newly reformed Shire of Dark Shores. His one day appearance was intended as a hour of nostalgia, but he decided to come out again the following week. Within his first few months playing he became the parks Champion, and since has rarely been seen out of office. Enjoys hitting people with a stick, and has been known to sweet talk his sewing machine into making something for him from time to time. But only if he brings sweets, and expensive fragrances.

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